– George Pennacchi and Stephan Siegel Join the Managing Editor Team at the JFQA

We are pleased to announce that George Pennacchi, Bailey Chair of Money, Banking, and Finance at the University of Illinois, and Stephan Siegel, Michael G. Foster Endowed Professor of Finance at the University of Washington, have accepted our invitation to join us as Managing Editors of the JFQA. Each is a prolific and highly-cited scholar, and extremely well-qualified for this role. Stephan’s term began November 1, 2022, and George’s began January 1, 2023.

Stephan’s research in household and behavioral finance has pioneered the use of genetically informed data to explore biological predispositions with respect to risk-taking and investment biases. Most recently, he has examined the cultural transmission of economic, pro-social, and political preferences. Stephan is a Research Fellow at CESifo, Germany, and a Faculty Fellow at the UW Global Business Center and the Center for Finance at the USTC-UW Institute. He has been an Associate Editor at the Journal of Banking and Finance since 2015.

George’s extensive body of research has contributed greatly to the study of financial institutions, fixed-income securities, and government guarantees. He was previously the Managing Editor of the Journal of Financial Intermediation and served as the President of the Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS). He has also been an Associate Editor of several journals, including the JFQAJournal of Finance, and the Review of Financial Studies, and has been a research advisor to the Federal Reserve, the FDIC, and the Bank of Finland.

At the same time, we are sad to announce that Jennifer Conrad has had to step down to assume Interim Dean duties for UNC. We thank Jennifer warmly for her tremendous contributions to the JFQA during her tenure as Managing Editor and as Associate Editor before that.