Errata and Other Materials

Here you may find comments from authors regarding corrections to their work as well as other materials provided by authors in support of their work.

Please note that corrigenda for JFQA-published material are hosted on our Cambridge University Press website, linked from the original articles.

From Inder K. Khurana, Xiumin Martin, and Raynolde Pereira, authors of Financial Development and the Cash Flow Sensitivity of Cash (JFQA Vol. 41, No. 4, 787–807):

We want to recognize Professor Alexander Vadilyev for bringing to our attention the errors that led to the issuance of our corrigendum.  Professor Vadilyev’s discussion of our study is contained in the following article: Vadilyev, A. “Firms from Financially Developed Economies Do Not Save Less.” Critical Finance Review (2020), vol 9, no. 1-2, pp. 305–351.