With Gratitude to Paul Malatesta for 35 Years of Service

Paul Malatesta joined the JFQA Editorial Board as an Associate Editor in 1983, and became a Managing Editor in 1987—he retires after 35 years at the helm of the Journal. During Paul’s leadership the Journal saw tremendous growth, as new submissions grew from fewer than 300 to over 1,200 per year, and published 1,656 articles. When Paul started, the JFQA was publishing 500 pages per year. Last year, we published 3,000.

As digital publishing and online article access started to become mainstream, Paul transitioned the JFQA away from being essentially self-published by the University of Washington Press. He positioned the JFQA for the future by negotiating a partnership with a major academic publisher, Cambridge University Press, that had the resources to provide the online access experience that we now all take for granted. That partnership has proven critical again as we rely on their expertise in Open Access publishing.

Throughout his long tenure at the Journal, Paul maintained the highest standards of integrity and fairness in the peer review process, providing constructive comments to literally thousands of authors. We are grateful for Paul’s extraordinary service to the JFQA, and the profession, through his years of dedicated work, and we wish him all the best in retirement.


Hendrik Bessembinder

Jennifer Conrad

Ran Duchin

Mara Faccio

Thierry Foucault

Jarrad Harford