COVID Symposium April 30

The JFQA is pleased to host a virtual symposium of eight high-quality papers addressing different subjects related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Friday, April 30th, 8:00 am to 1:20 pm PDT.

Commitment to Confidentiality

January 7, 2021 –  In light of the recent controversy over the release of certain JFE data, the Managing Editors of the JFQA affirm our continued commitment to the confidentiality of the peer review process.  

Kudos to 2020 Sharpe Award winners De Angelis and Grinstein!

Congratulations to David DeAngelis and Yaniv Grinstein Winners of the 2020 William F. Sharpe award for Scholarship in Financial Research For their article “Relative Performance Evaluation in CEO Compensation: A Talent-Retention Explanation” JFQA, November 2020, Vol. 55, No. 7, pp.…